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EF React Native Asynchronous Button

The asynchronous button can update the rendering state dependent on an asynchronous operation. It provides four states:

  • Idle
  • Processing
  • Success
  • Error

Both of the success and error states are only shown if a timeout is specified for each state. Once the timeout completes the button will reset back to the idle state. Without either timeout, the button will reset back to the idle state straight after the asynchronous operation has completed.

The button can be used for any asynchronous operation, but is commonly used for sending data to a server. The button can handle a successful or failed transmission and represent the state of that to the user. The developer can add callbacks that can be fired upon changing of states. This makes it trivial to provide a nice asynchronous user experience.

The button naturally resets itself but can be configured to display either, or both, the successful and failure states for a defined duration. The duration can be set to Infinity to implement a one-shot submission button. The button can be explicitly reset with the reset method.